New Ownership!

Just recently Boards 4 Engraving has been transfered to new ownership. The company has been purchased by the supplier of our boards. We look forward to giving you the best service in a timely manner. With this change we can focus more on the quality of our products.


What's special about our boards?

Blank cutting boards for engraving

Walnut with Cherry Trim

By far one of the most beautiful designs, this board is sure to impress any customer! With a beautiful walnut center for engraving and cherry trim along the edges, this board is beautiful from start to finish!


Maple with Walnut Trim

This board is perhaps the most popular board, and for good reason! The maple center allows for a nice/dark engraving and is very affordable. The walnut trim really ties the color of this board together and makes the engraving stand out even more!


Cherry with Walnut Trim

If you haven't engraved a cherry cutting board, you are missing out! When burned, cherry can engrave very dark which will result in a beautiful engraving. Like maple, cherry is very popular... and very affordable for the high quality of wood!


By far the most beautiful boards in the laser engraving industry!

Patty B. (Wisconsin)

Very high quality! Very easy to engrave, and my customers love the look and feel of these boards.

Edgar T. (Texas)

If you haven't engraved one of these boards yet, you need to... Your customers will love them. These are higher quality boards at very reasonable pricing. You have to try them!

Mary W. (Georgia)